Event this August (1/8-6/9): 

Collection of plastic bottles for recycling
Customers who drop off their clean bottles
(haircare & skincare) will receive a sample


Gift with Purchase

- Free Shopping bag, Momo Hair Potion & Metal Straw with purchase of A Single Shampoo 250ml & hair service / another retail product

- Free Shopping bag, Momo Hair Potion with purchase of A Single Shampoo 1000ml

- Free shopping bag with 2 retail products purchased

A Single Shampoo is the brand’s
first completely carbon neutral produc t it is
the perfect combination of professional quality and maximum sustainability.
delicate shampoo for daily use on all hair types , its formula guarantees
hydration and suppleness , packing a satisfyingly powerful cleansing and
conditioning punch, whilst maintaining the quality and performance of a
professional product.
Out of respect for the environment, its
formula is 98.2% biodegradable with 95%
natural origin ingredients . Its active ingredients are 100% natural origin . A
conditioning agent derived from quinoa guarantees soft, shiny, highly combable

100% natural fragrance made from a range of essential oils: Roman
wormwood, clove and geranium provide the high notes; rosemary and
lavender the heart notes; and patchouli and cedar wood the base notes.

100% natural added preservatives.

100% ingredients traceable to the country of origin.
Free from colours, silicones or animal
derived products.
Packaged in a fully recyclable plastic bottle made from renewable vegetable
sources made from sugar cane from South Brazil instead of fossil fuels and
completely recyclable. It has been designed to be emptied fully, to avoid wastage.
The container is also designed to require less plastic: 48% less than the average
weight of 250 ml bottles produced by the brand’s main competitors.


unique surfactant derived from olive oil , sourced partially from the Olivo Quercetano
Slow Food Presidium, created by Davines

Contains surfactants coming from sustainable palm oil , certified by the non profit
organization RSPO.

100% natural fragrance

100% natural preservatives added

100% ingredients with supply chain traced back to the country of origin

Without colourants , silicones or animal derived ingredients.

95% natural origin formula

98,2% biodegradable

100% recyclable bottle made of plastic from renewable, vegetal (sugarcane) sources.

Reduced use of plastic in bottle : 48% less than equal size main competitor average.

Packaging designed to redu ce transport impact : fitting 17% more per pallet than the
average Davines retail size shampoo.

Packaging designed to facilitate using every drop and avoid product waste.

Bottle, label and cap made of materials that do not require separation for recycling.

The CO2 emissions generated during the entire life cycle of the product are 100%

Produced and packaged in the Davines Village with 100% energy from renewable
sources and compensated CO2.
250ml $36
1000ml $102

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